Heart of Life - Pilot (Co-Star)

Other People (Lead)

Furlough (Small Supporting)

I Killed My BFF- Lifetime  (Supporting)

Summer of Blood (Supporting)

A Crime to Remember (Guest Star)

NASCAR: The Rise of American Speed (Co-Star)

The Surrogate (Lead)

The Madison Code- Pilot (Recurring)

Katie Fforde: Dancing on Broadway (Co-Star)

Mute (Lead)

The People Person (Small Supporting)

I'd Kill for You (Guest Star)

Stalked: Someone's Watching (Guest Star)  

Cassette (Supporting)

I Heard Her Say (Supporting)

Rolling (Lead)                            

Together We Fall (Supporting)

Broke (Supporting)    

Sunday Sunday (Supporting)                       

Amber Dreams (Supporting)                                                    

Crisis PR (Supporting)    



Looking for Parcifal (Annabelle)

Marilyn (Norma Jean)                                                              

Something Outrageous (Christine)                                          

12 Angry Women (Juror 4)                                

Off the Map (Jean)                                      

Feeding the Moonfish (Eden)                                                                

And it Also Sets (Georgette)                                                    

The Ugly Duckling (Ducibella)                                                 

The Birthday Present (Lucy)                         



ABC Studios/Anne Fletcher

Lamplight Films/Jaqueline Christy

Furlough Productions/ Laurie Collyer

Red Hippo Productions/ Seth Jarrett

Factory 25/ Onur Tukel

XCon Productions/ Elise Greven

Stephen David Entertainment/Rick Lopz

Infinity House Productions/Danny Monico

Lightadim Pictures/Marcel Dios

Van Wormer International/ Helmut Metzger

Infinity House Pruductions/  Corey Maloney

Dave Patton  Productions/  David Kirchner

Peacock Productions/  Boaz Halaban

Atlas Media/  Paul Jarrett

Infinity House Productions/ Luke Locurcio

Oopsy Daisy Productions/  Karen Teune

Joseph Road Studios/  Jim Tripp

Oopsy Daisy Productions/ Karen Teune

Form+Void Productions/ Benham Jones

Oopsy Daisy Productions/ Karen Teune

Longship Productions/ Chris Pedersen

Beer Money Films/ Stephen Brown



The Gene Frankel Theatre

Richmond Shepard Theater

45th Street Theatre

AlphaNYC Theatre Co.

AlphaNYC Theatre Co. 

Appalachian Theatre

Appalachian Theatre

Appalachian Theatre

Appalachian Theatre


Scott Freeman: Scene Study

Karl Bury: Scene Study/Technique

Larry Moss: Scene Study

Peter Miner: On Camera

Glenn Bruce: On Camera

Ron Shetler: Voice (Singing)

Lucille Rubin: Voice (Speech)

Judith Sullivan: Voice (Speech)

Leigh Dillon: Voice (Dialect)

Hugh Klitzke: Commercial Voice Over

Antonio Merenda: Acting Technique (Stella Adler)

Amira Glaser: Alexander Technique


SPECIAL SKILLS: Yoga, Waltz, Swing, Drawing, Painting, Makeup Artistry, Singing

SPORTS: Boating, Soccer, Pool, Water Skiing, Tennis

DIALECT: Southern